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Famous for its “Bass River Chairs,” Dominion Chair, although no longer manufacturing, carries on its legacy by specializing in the sale of fine, traditionally crafted, furniture.

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Like the general store, our site offers a variety of goods. Learn about our past, find our blog, social media, and gallery. Unable to find what you’re looking for? Drop us a line! Send us an email via the tab on the right, or find our numbers on the contact page.


Bass River Chairs

You may also know us by our nickname, Bass River Chairs. We have, in fact, had a few names over the years. Prior to May 1, 1903, Dominion Chair Company Limited was known as the Union Furniture and Merchandise Company.


Sales & Services

Although we no longer manufacture, we continue to specialize in the sale of traditionally crafted furniture, as well as unique gift items. In the general store we supply groceries, hardware, movie rentals, and we are also a NSLC Agency Store.


Our manufacturer concentrates on quality and not on rivals, strategy and sales. We think no other approach brings world-class to us but caliber.

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“John Strauss has skillfully and reliably implemented my furniture layout for both liturgical and institutional installations. This was no simple task as my layouts are generally intricate and hard.”
Alene Elvine
“ Thank you so much for the sustainable furniture demonstration. We were so impressed with your knowledge and experience and found the information covered very valuable.
Jonas Gerber

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