5 Types of Accent Chairs Perfect for the Living Room

Accent chair is a piece of furniture that enhances the decor of the room. Most of this furniture do more than just their normal function. Accent chairs also come in handy when you have a lot of guests in your home, and you require more seating space for your guests. You can find different designs of Accent chairs; some are huge and has a chaise lounge whereas others are small with a back chair. You can even find rocking chairs, and those are very comfortable to sit. One of the most important functions of an Accent chair is to work with the rest of the furniture in the room to provide extra seating space for you and your guests.

5 Types of Accent Chairs Perfect for the Living Room

The following are some of the types of accent chairs:

Club chairs:

Club chairs are armchairs which have very deep seats. You can place it anywhere in your living room, and it would fit perfectly. Club chairs are so comfortable that you can fall asleep in it while listening to music or while you are reading a book. You can also have a pair of club chair to give your living room an enhanced look. Most of these chairs have wired seats so you can place small cushions on top of the seats.

Occasional chair:

As the name suggests, we hardly will be using the occasional chairs, but when you have some guests at home, these chairs come in handy. You can also use it to sit on the balcony and move it anywhere you want as it is very light and you can carry it anywhere. The occasional chairs do not have any arms, and this feature makes moving the chair quite simple.

Slipper chair:

The slipper chair is a small armless silhouette, and you can place them in your living room by the sofa. The chair does not have much height and is closer to the ground. The slipper chairs are useful when you do not have much space in your living room. You can use these chairs as additional seating space and for keeping other things. You can also use it as a coffee table if you want, but since it has a cushion on it, you need to be careful not to make it dirty.

Wingback chair:

The wingback chairs are usually huge, and they are also very comfortable to sit. They give you the same feeling of sitting on a sofa, and it is an excellent piece of furniture to place by the fireplace. The chair might be quite hard to move so you might want to find a good spot in your living room and put the chair.

Rocking chair:

Rocking chairs are one of the best accent chairs in the world. It is very relaxing to sit in the rocking chair, and you can place it anywhere in your living room. There are many different styles and designs of rocking chairs, and most of them are made out of wood.