Chapter 3

On June 6,1876, a new Company was incorporated; the Union Furniture and Merchandise Company. There were nine share holders, with George Fulton as manager, Edward Fulton Secretary-Treasurer, and Almon Fulton, James H. Fulton, Suther B. Fulton, Woodberry Fulton, Somerville Fulton, Robert McLeod and J.J. Sterritt as other seven shareholders.

The business prospered until March 17/19, 1885 when the first fire occurred. The buildings were quickly replaced; a detailed description of the new facilities was found in a Scrapbook at the Public Archives if Nova Scotia taken from the weekly newspaper, “The Weeks Doings”, published at Acadia Mines on April 30, 1886.

Today, 103 years later, the names of some of the employees of the Company in 1885 may be of interest. Spellings of names are shown in the newspaper article.

The master framer involved in the construction of the new factory was Chas. Nelson. The engineer in charge of the Bioler House was Frank Fulmer. On the second floor where the machinery for the chair making was placed we find R.H. Fulton in charge, with J.J. Starritt, D.D. MacDonlad, Arthur Morrison, W.J. Hegan, Geo. McLellan, Alex. Ross, Wadsworth Fulton, and Charlie Myers assisting.

The chairs were put together on the third floor, by Thomas Smith, and Ethridge Fulton.

The cabinet work was under Chas. Nelson, with Woodbury Fulton, H.J Fredericks, Thos. W. Fulton, Benj. Myers, John Cook, Arthur Fulton, and Gordon Fulton.

Suther B. Fulton was in charge of the paint shop, with Jas. A. Fulton, S.G Dickie, A.W. Fulton, Oscar Fulton, and T.B. Clarke.

Bedsteads were made by A.S.D. Fulton, Alvan Crowe, Allan Card, and Frederick Fulton.

Somerville Fulton, was in charge of the wareroom. The teamster, J. Currie Creelman.

Machinery installed, by, and now under the direction of Isaac M. Munroe, assisted by Cas. M. Fisher.

The financial part of the business, an the store operation were supervised by Edward Fulton, assisted by Wm. C. Lewis.

Directors of the Company of 1886 were George Fulton, J.C. Spencer, Woodbury Fulton, Levi Davison, and Edward Fulton. The General Manager, George Fulton.

Because of ill health, George Fulton was forced to resign as Manager of the Company in June 1886. He was replaced as Manager by his son Suther B. Fulton.