Dominion Chair is located in charming Bass River, Nova Scotia. After driving through the beautiful village of Great Village, Dominion Chair becomes clearly visible once you navigate through the slightly sharp left handed turn before ”The Flat”. After passing the Veterans’ Memorial Park on your right, and the Bass River Historical Museum (on the old Factory site) on your left, you drive over the Bass River bridge and cruise into a Dominion Chair parking spot. The store is wedged between a fork in the road. If you went right you would visit Maple Ave., home to the Elementary and Junior High Schools. If you continued left you would be pleasantly surprised by the picturesque coastal scenes on your way to Parrsboro, but unfortunately, you would of driven past Dominion Chair.

Upon entering the store you are immersed in a wealth of general commodities at your fingertips. You can shop for groceries, hardware, movies, toiletries, and much more. Turn left and you can drop into the liquor store and even buy a beer or two. While browsing the store you will find the staff to be extremely personable and will answer any questions you may have or help you if you get lost.

Although the last factory burnt down in 1989 and Dominion Chair no longer manufactures any of its famous furniture, you can tiptoe past the front cash, and make your way up the stairs to visit its showroom on the second and third floor. Up there you will find a wide variety of furniture and gifts. Unique furniture, made the traditional, well-crafted way, are available for purchase. Such a wide selection of treasures, you will not be able to take-in all the sights in your first visit. Below is a gallery showing just a taste of what you will find. For a hundred and fifty years Dominion Chair has been, and continues to be, a gem in Canada’s history.